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6 things you need to know about Cross-Jurisdictional Inheritance & Estate Administration in 60 mins

19 Jul 2017

DVC hosted a thought leadership event presented by Patrick Fung SC, Teresa Wu and Connie Lee entitled “6 things you need to know about Cross-jurisdictional Inheritance and Administration of Estates in 60 minutes”  on 14th July at the Bankers Club. In an opening gambit which referenced the coalescence of timing with France’s Bastille Day, Patrick remarked that “he wasn’t intending to given any one any revolutionary ideas about the law on probate and administration.”

A strong showing of solicitors and in-house counsel attended the seminar for their illuminating (if not revolutionary) discussion which covered the following topics:

  • Domicile of a Deceased person;
  • Jurisdiction of HK Courts and the Relevance of Foreign Courts’ Decisions;
  • 6 Usual Ways for a local grant to be issued;
  • No bar to a Grant by the HK Court when leaving no estate;
  • The Requirement of Special Circumstances for passing over a foreign executor in a local grant;
  • The Choice of Law regarding Testate Succession.
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