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Des Voeux Chambers Harry Liu Postgraduate Scholarship

The Scholarship was set up in 2016 in memory of Chambers’ beloved Harry Liu, who sadly passed away following an unfortunate accident in 2015.
It is our policy that all 9-month pupils shall be automatically entitled to the Scholarship to fund the completion of postgraduate studies abroad, subject only to the satisfaction of the Chairman of the Pupillage Committee that the applicant has some financial need. Applicants who do not have financial need may be awarded the Scholarship on a discretionary basis.

Applications for the Scholarship should be made to Dr William Wong SC by email and should include a covering letter: (a) confirming when the applicant is joining Chambers for a 9-month pupillage; and (b) explaining whether the applicant has any financial need.

Des Voeux Chambers Junior Scholarships

The Des Voeux Chambers Junior Scholarship is an annual merit-based scholarship awarded to law students from the following universities:

  • University of Hong Kong
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge

The purpose of the Scholarship is as follows:

  • To recognize and reward law students with top academic performance, all-round qualifications, and a strong interest in joining the Hong Kong Bar.
  • To allow law students the opportunity to experience first-hand practice at the Hong Kong Bar through an extended mini-pupillage at Des Voeux Chambers.
  • To help law students of the aforesaid calibre to decide whether they would like in due course to join the Hong Kong Bar.

A Des Voeux Chambers Junior Scholar will be awarded a stipend of HK$30,000 and will be given the opportunity to undertake a 6 week mini-pupillage in Chambers.

All eligible candidates typically apply directly to their Faculty of Law, which is followed by an interview by members of the Mini-Pupillage & Pupillage Committees (in Hong Kong, Oxford or Cambridge, as the case may be).

The terms of the Scholarship with the standard application form are circulated each year by the Faculties of Law of each participating University.

Des Voeux Chambers BCL Scholarship

Since 2014, Chambers annually awards a scholarship to one student reading for the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) degree at the University of Oxford. This scholarship, however, is operated entirely by the Faculty of Law and Chambers does not participate in the selection process. It carries no obligation for the recipient to commence pupillage with Chambers. Interested applicants should follow the Faculty’s relevant guidelines for application.

Des Voeux Chambers (Pupillage) Scholarships

We appreciate that some students might have financial needs during the first 6 months of their pupillages which are mostly unpaid. To address this issue, our Chambers offers the Des Voeux Chambers Scholarships to pupils with financial needs. The Scholarships provide elected scholars with a stipend of HK$15,000 per month during their term of pupillage with Des Voeux Chambers.

Interested applicants should make an application comprising a covering letter and a detailed curriculum vitae to Dr. William Wong SC.

Des Voeux Chambers Oxford-HKU Visiting Fellowship

In September 2015, Des Voeux Chambers sponsored and facilitated the setting up of a fellowship scheme between the University of Oxford and HKU. The scheme enables an academic member of the Oxford Faculty of Law to spend a month in Hong Kong as a visiting fellow in the HKU Faculty of Law, so as to enhance academic exchanges between the two institutions. The inaugural visiting fellow is Professor Stefan Enchelmaier, who is Professor of European and Comparative Law.

Des Voeux Chambers Cambridge-HKU Visiting Fellowship

Des Voeux Chambers is honoured to be a supporter of the Des Voeux Chambers Cambridge-HKU Visiting Fellowship Scheme since 2016. The scheme enables an academic member of the Cambridge Faculty of Law to spend a month in Hong Kong as a visiting fellow in the HKU Faculty of Law, so as to foster academic collaboration and exchange.