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Our mini-pupillage program is designed to provide students with a realistic taste of what life is like as a barrister, and, more specifically, as a member of Des Voeux Chambers. There are two types of mini-pupillages: non-assessed (2 weeks or under) and assessed (4-6 weeks).

Mini-pupils will not only attend Court and client conferences, but are also given practical tasks such as research and drafting for their pre-assigned pupilmasters. We ensure that mini-pupils are given ample feedback – both generally and work-specific – throughout their time in Chambers or afterwards. It is also hoped that, in addition to your assigned pupilmasters, you will make use of the opportunity to meet and speak with other members of Chambers as well as our current pupils.

Our Process

Mini-pupillage into Pupillage

It is important to note that we only select our 9 month pupils from our assessed mini-pupils. Mini-pupils who are interested in applying for a 9 month pupillage must undertake an assessed mini-pupillage in Chambers. They will be expected to have served an extended mini-pupilage of 4-6 weeks, during which they may be invited to particulate in a mooting exercise assesed by members of Chambers.

Our Process

How to Apply

Applications for mini-pupillage over the summer vacation period must be submitted by 15 April of each year. Applications for mini-pupillage over the winter vacation period must be submitted by 15 October of each year. Decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Applicants should apply by sending a curriculum vitae (completed with relevant details such as grades, class rank and mooting experience), cover letter and latest available official transcript (all in Word or PDF format) to You are also required to identify your availability from June to September (for the summer vacation period) and from December to February (for the winter vacation period).

In submitting your application, please follow the below format in the subject line of your email submission:

[Mini-Pupillage Winter *or Summer* Application] – [University Name] [Current Program] [Current Year of Study] e.g. Mini-Pupillage Winter Application – John Doe University LLB Year 2

Application Deadline

15 April

Application Deadline – Summer Vacation Period

15 October

Application Deadline – Winter Vacation Period