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A series of videos featuring DVC’s Daniel Fung SC, JP in his position as Chairman of Cambridge Global Conversations

30 Oct 2019

1) In a live Economist presentation that took place on 5th October and “chased the sun” by starting in Hong Kong, moving on to Manchester and wrapping up in Chicago, DVC’s Daniel Fung SC, JP addressed questions about understanding and unpicking China’s ambitions and geopolitical interests set against a backdrop of HK’s current protest movement. Listen to Daniel’s views as aired in the first link below (at 2.11.20)

2) As part of a video entitled  “Hong Kong Leader won’t rule out Beijing’s help to quell protests” on  Voice of America, Daniel Fung SC, JP weighed in with his view as to how the One Country Two Systems formula might work beyond 2047 (at 1.45.00)

3) Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, delivers a speech about climate ethics ahead of the inaugural launch of Cambridge Global Conversations in Cambridge in July of this year.


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