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Catrina Lam is Invited to Speak at CUHK LAW’s Conference on “Digital Platforms and Competition Law: Global Trends and Challenges” (18-19 April 2024)

3 Apr 2024

Digital platforms play a crucial role in facilitating trade, global transactions, and personal interactions. This key position has also allowed them to amass significant power, turning them into gatekeepers that can impose terms they would not be able to impose if they were constrained by competition. Strong network effects and switching costs make their hegemony virtually unchallengeable.

At CUHK LAW’s conference ‘Digital Platforms and Competition Law: Global Trends and Challenges‘ taking place at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre on 18-19 April 2024, Catrina Lam from Des Voeux Chambers and a cohort of prestige speakers will explore the crucial issue of how to curb the harmful conduct of digital platforms while at the same time allowing them to provide the essential services we depend on.

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