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DVC wins GRR Award

3 Jul 2018

DVC is delighted to announce that it won the GRR award for Most Significant Insolvency or Restructuring Related Litigation for work on the China Solar Energy Holdings [2018] HKCFI 555 restructuring case at the 2nd Annual GRR Ceremony held in London on 26 June.

7 of DVC’s members were involved in this landmark case including:
José-Antonio Maurellet SC, John Hui and Jonathan Chan for the petitioner. 

John Scott SC for the company. 

Clifford Smith SC and Alexander Tang for the provisional liquidators.

Patrick Chong for an investor. 


In this case, essentially Harris J has clarified that provisional liquidators need to be appointed on such conventional grounds as asset preservation. But where the circumstances warrant it, the provisional liquidators may be given restructuring powers and may pursue the company’s restructuring exercise to fruition.