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The International Competition Law Webinar Series Successfully Concluded

8 Oct 2022

The International Competition Law Webinar Series was concluded last Friday, featuring DVC members Adrian Lai (Part 1), Kelvin Kwok (Part 1 & 2), Connie Lee and Joshua Yeung (Part 2), Catrina Lam, as well as Mr Jindrich Kloub from Competition Commission and Judge Christopher Vajda (Part 3). The three webinars attracted over 500 registrations from 30 jurisdictions.

The panellists gave an informative and thorough overview of the basic principles of competition law from an international perspective with case studies. Kelvin Kwok highlighted the challenges arising from cross-border anti-competitive practices in Part 1, while Connie Lee and Joshua Yeung examined how the existing competition law regime should tackle issues unique to e-commerce platforms such as pricing structures and algorithms in Part 2. In the final episode of the webinar series moderated by Jindrich Kloub, Catrina Lam and Christopher Vajda shared their experience and insights on litigating private competition law claims in HK and the UK, including the impact of recent developments in collective proceedings and third-party funding.

The presentation material for Part 1 and the full-length video recordings for Parts 2 & 3 are now available online.