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2014 | Judicial Review in Hong Kong

14 Apr 2016  |  Contributor: Johnny Mok, SC

About the Book Release

Contributors: Johnny Mok, SC, BBS, JP


Judicial Review in Hong Kong, Second Edition is a clear and comprehensive exposition of the law and practice relating to judicial review in Hong Kong. Written by two practising members of the Bar (an English Queen’s Counsel and a Hong Kong Senior Counsel) it takes account of the fast-moving changes that have taken place in Hong Kong and offers guidance on the practice of judicial review.

There have been a plethora of new decisions and, in particular, judicial review has seen an expansion due to judges applying the remedy to an increasing range of public bodies. The proliferation of constitutional challenges and developing principles relating to fundamental rights have also provoked reappraisal of the methods by which executive review is conducted as well as raising new and challenging issues for those practising and deciding cases in this field.