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Joseph Wong

BBA (Finance and Accounting)
BCL (Oxford)
LL.M. (Harvard University)
Joseph Wong



Prior to joining the Bar, Joseph graduated from the LL.M. at Harvard University and BCL at the University of Oxford. He previously obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration (double major in Finance and Accounting) at HKUST and read law in the Juris Doctor programme at CUHK.

Joseph joined Des Voeux Chambers in 2015 upon completion of his pupillage with Mr Edwin Choy SC, Mr Jenkin Suen SC, Ms Rachel Lam SC and the late Mr Harry Liu. He is developing a broad civil and commercial practice. He has been involved in a wide range of cases including contractual disputes, intellectual property, family, Part 2 applications under the Mental Health Ordinance, trusts, probate, land, and bankruptcy /insolvency matters. He has also been frequently instructed to work on injunction matters on an urgent basis. He has given legal opinions to various entities including multi-national companies and HK-listed companies for compliance, SFC-regulatory and other purposes. He is fluent in the Chinese language and spoken Putonghua and has experience dealing with contentious work in Chinese. He has also acquired substantial experience working in international arbitrations.

Scholarships and Awards

  • Bar Scholarship (2014)
  • Charles Ching Memorial Scholarship (2014)
  • China Oxford Honorary Award, China Oxford Scholarship Fund (2012/13)
  • >Joint Law Society of Hong Kong / Bloomsbury Books Prize (2011/12)
  • Dean’s List Award – CUHK (2010/11)
  • Juris Doctor Gold Scholarship for Academic Excellence (2010/11)
  • Juris Doctor Gold Scholarship for Academic Excellence (2009/10)
  • Bank of China (HK) Foundation – HKUST Scholarship Program (2006/07)
  • Bank of China (HK) Foundation – HKUST Scholarship Program (2005/06)
  • Dean’s List Awards – HKUST (Fall 2004/05, Spring 2004/05, Fall 2005/06)

Selected Cases

  • Hong Kong Karaoke Licensing Alliance Ltd v Neway Music Ltd (CAMP 131/2020 & CACV 328/2020; 4 September 2020) – Sole advocate in a remote hearing before the Court of Appeal in an action involving a substantial intellectual property dispute
  • SC v. OE1 & Anor (HCCT 48 & 66 /2019; 24 August 2019) – Substantive hearing involving applications for setting aside / seeking leave to enforce an arbitral award in an international arbitration held at the HKIAC, led by Mr. John Scott SC, JP
  • Chow Kwan Yee v. Leung Mei Yin May & Anor (HCA 1260/2017; 13 December 2019) – Trial involving a monetary dispute between family members, with Mr. Alan Kwong
  • Ip Pui Lam Arthur & Anor v. Ho Yuk Wah David (a bankrupt) & Others (HCA 971/2012; Trial on 4-6, 30 September 2019) – A 4-day trial involving complex claims of beneficial ownership of corporate entities and assets by the bankrupt, led by Ms. Rachel Lam SC
  • Poon Chi Hang v Lai Ho Sun (HCMP 1020/2013; 5 May 2017) (CACV 119/2017; 27 June 2019) – Sole advocate in a 3-day trial involving an adverse possession claim in the Court of First Instance (led by Dr. William Wong SC, JP in the appeal)
  • China Medical Technologies, Inc. (in liquidation) v Wu Xiaodong & Others (HCA 3391/2016 & HCA 1417/2013; 22 May 2019) – A 3-day substantive hearing for continuation / discharge of a worldwide ex parte Mareva injunction, with Mr. Edward Alder
  • Zhang Yan Yin v. Korchina Culture Investment Ltd & Ors (HCA 30/2018; 18 December 2018) – Sole advocate in a substantive hearing on an injunction involving substantial landed properties in the PRC
  • Hongfan International Ltd v. Hong Kong Yahe Co., Ltd (HCMP 1633/2017; 22 November 2018) – Substantive hearing for discharge of an injunction restraining presentation of statutory demand in a multi-national commercial dispute, with Mr. Alvin Tsang
  • Ip Pui Lam Arthur & Anor v Ho Yuk Wah David (a bankrupt) & Others (HCA 2587/2017; 20 April 2018) – A substantive 1-day hearing for continuation / discharge / re-grant of an ex parte proprietary injunction, led by Mr. Clifford Smith SC
  • China Art Bank Company Limited v Xu Zhiqiang (HCA 2178 & 2543 / 2015; 1 June 2017; 26 July 2017) (CAMP 12/2017; 7 February 2018) – Sole advocate in the discharge of a Mareva injunction, consolidation and security for costs applications; opposing applications for leave to appeal before the Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal
  • SNE Engineering Co Ltd v Chim Kee Machinery Co Ltd (HCA 2025/2012; 24 March 2016) (CACV 101/2016; 11 July 2016) – A 6-day trial involving a construction-related contractual dispute near the Nam Cheong MTR station in a project involving MTRC’s construction of the Express Rail Link from Kowloon to the Mainland border, led by Mr. Ian Pennicott SC both at trial and in the appeal
  • Lo Kwong Hung & Anor v The Registrar of Companies [2018] 1 HKLRD 173 – a case involving questions on the construction of the word “creditor” and standing of the applicants under s.765(1) Companies Ordinance (Cap 622) regarding restoration of companies which have previously been struck off, with Mr. Christopher Chain
  • Chen Mei Lan & Anor v The Registrar of Companies & Others [2017] 1 HKLRD 924 – a case involving an application to expunge a PRC criminal judgment from trial based on the rule in Hollington v Hewthorn that a previous criminal conviction and judgment are inadmissible as evidence in subsequent civil proceedings, with Ms. Rachel Lam (as she then was)
  • Hong Kong Huihuang Industrial Company Limited (CACV 144/2016; 25 October 2016) – Sole advocate before a 3-member panel in the Court of Appeal; an appeal against a striking-out decision based on the principle of res judicata
  • Lee Sing Leung Robin v Luk Wing Kwong Quintin (HCA 1890/2010; 13 August 2015) (led by Mr. Anson Wong SC and with Mr. Yang-Wahn Hew) – Involved in a 4-day trial involving a securities-related commercial dispute

Memberships & Appointments

  • Member, Special Committee on China Practice Development, Hong Kong Bar Association