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ICCA 2024 took place in Hong Kong on 5-8 May 2024

8 May 2024

ICCA 2024 Hong Kong, held from 5-8 May 2024, was an exceptional gathering that brought together prominent figures in the field of international arbitration. The ICCA Congress has long been celebrated for fostering insightful discussions and offering fresh perspectives on matters related to international arbitration.

Ms Winnie Tam SC, Head of Des Voeux Chambers, was invited to join Panel 15: International Arbitration: An AI Endeavour on Day 4 (8 May). This thought-provoking panel, moderated by Michael Mcilwrath and featuring renowned experts such as Christopher BogartEmily HayRahim Moloo, and Maxim Osadchiy, explored the gradual integration of artificial intelligence into the administration of justice, and how it may shape the future of arbitration. The panel delved into topics such as the impact of AI on advocacy and decision-making, access and transparency, and the evolving skill sets required of participants. The speakers also examined the implications of these developments on the legitimacy of international arbitration.

A strong delegation formed by members of Des Voeux Chambers attended this influential international arbitration event, further solidifying their commitment to staying at the forefront of the field.


DVC Members: Charles Sussux SC, Winnie Tam SC, William Wong SCAnson Wong SC, Jenkin Suen SC, Johnny Ma SC, CW Ling, Catrina Lam, Frances Lok, Adrian Lai JP, Sabrina Ho, Jason Yu, Jonathan Chan, Cherry Xu, Martin Lau, Zixin Jiang, Clara Wong, Joshua Yeung, Jeffrey Elkinson

DVC PD Director: Jeani Wang

Winnie Tam SC, Neil Kaplan KC, Chiann Bao and Audley Sheppard KC
Justin D'Agpstino, Chiann Bao and Audley Sheppard KC, Neil Kaplan KC and Winnie Tam SC
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